7 ways to avoid using Krav Maga training

We can learn self-defense all-day long, but the best defense is to not be in a situation where you need Krav Maga in the first place. Here are some ways to play it safe:

  1. Choose to fight back if you are attacked. No matter what. Some figures estimate that 70% of women who are attacked leave mostly unharmed if they put up a fight. Fighting back is mostly a mindset.
  2. Listen to your instincts. If you feel uneasy about something, there’s probably a reason for it. Get out of whatever situation you’re in immediately.
  3. Walk purposefully,¬†with confidence, and with your head held high. Observe what is happening around you and be alert. Don’t talk/text on your cell phone or wear head phones when you’re walking. These wonderful, awesome, amazing technologies eliminate valuable senses (hearing and seeing), which could make you more vulnerable to an attack.
  4. Have your keys ready before you reach your destination. Don’t be caught digging for your keys in your purse… I personally latch my keys to my purse with a carabiner.
  5. Don’t leave drinks unattended and watch them being served. Limit alcohol consumption.
  6. Walk with a co-worker or a friend when walking to your car (especially in parking garages or at night). Check the back seat before you get in your car. Immediately lock your doors and get rollin’. No balancing your checkbook or applying another layer of mascara!
  7. Find a public place with lots of people and call 911 if you think you’re being followed. If there isn’t such an area, turn around and demand that the potential assailant tell you what they want in your loudest, most confident voice. Draw as much attention to yourself as possible. Get out your cell phone and start dialing 911. Let them know that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Follow these guidelines and be safe!

2 Replies to “7 ways to avoid using Krav Maga training”

  1. Great post, all good points. If you’re going to fight, burst in and chain your attack. That is, several hits. Get in close. can you get behind your attacker and get them down.
    Remember that ‘bad guys’ will ‘interview’ you. They’ll observe you and your behaviour before deciding to attack. Strong confident behaviour will likely cause your potential attacker to decide you’re too much trouble.
    Kravzon, I’m running a workshop at one of the Shangri-la chain of hotels here in Sydney tommorrow. I’d love to use your points and mention you if that’s ok. It would be in line with ‘in addition to what I’m saying, here’s some advice from someone doing Krav Maga in the U.S.’

  2. Kevin, that would be awesome! Definitely send people my way! I’m always interested in hearing other people’s experiences! This blog is largely about creating a conversation about Krav Maga (particularly in the female community, though everyone’s point of view brings a different perspective and frame of reference!)

    You make a really awesome point about how an attacker will “interview you.” They want to now if you’re going to fight back or not. If you look like you will, they’re less likely to attack.

    As always, thanks for the comment!

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