What is a Badge in Krav Maga?

I think I might actually enjoy torturing myself.

This thought legitimately crossed my mind at Krav tonight. The gym here seems to be a little more intense on the cardio than my previous gym. We did the usual push-ups, crunches, and squats. Instead of just leaving it at that, however, W decided we should hold our squats for ten second intervals.

Squats = the devil. My legs have never burned like that. Ever.

For the defenses, I paired up with a much younger girl I’ve seen in previous classes. I think I beat her up pretty good… Not on purpose, of course, but I accidentally clipped her once or twice while we practiced getting out of front choke holds. The look on her face as she went back to her two friends was one of pure terror. Poor kid. I should probably pair up with people my own size from now on.

Aside from that, I’ve got some pretty mean scrapes on my right hand from the open palm strikes. After class, I asked J, the owner, if that was normal or if it meant I was striking incorrectly. He said I should try to strike higher up on my hand. Next class, I’ll ask the instructor to pay attention to my open hand strikes, so I know I’m delivering the most strength.

New vocab: “Badge” — A feature or sign that reveals a particular condition or quality; In Krav Maga, this refers to any injury sustained from learning to defend yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen… my badge from class tonight:

3 Replies to “What is a Badge in Krav Maga?”

  1. did Chris do this to you? Really, if he did, just say the word. I’ll come down there and slap him around if I need to. 😀

    Love always,

  2. hmmmm I know those “badges” but I started using a different style of wrapping my hands and I dont get those any more. Instead I get bruises on my upper arms from being grabbed when we do attacks and defenses from the ground. good times.

    I learned my lesson in thai boxing years ago….I got scabs in thai class the first time I worked elbows. I learned really fast that I was hitting wrong, and corrected so I wouldnt have those scabs again. I have wrapped my hands since my boxing days and it avoids lots of injuries training.

  3. Yeah… I know I shouldn’t enjoy seeing myself all bruised up… but a part of me gains a little bit of satisfaction in it.

    I’m going to start wrapping my hands though. It’s started limiting which strikes I can do… (when my knuckles have been crazy raw, I’ve had to go back to open-palm strikes.) What do you wrap your hands with?

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