Defending against straight punches… more bruises? Really?

This is the first Krav Maga class I’ve been late to. I’m usually a few minutes early, but traffic was atrocious. When Chris and I walked in, we found our class doing side crunches. You lay on your side and lock your legs in your partner’s legs while crunching upwards. At the height of your crunch, you throw a right, left punch combination into your partner’s open palm. I found them relatively easy. I’ve noticed my ab/core strength is getting strong these days. Don’t even think about asking me to do squats though. Ew!

Since Chris and I arrived late, we partnered up again. We practiced defending straight punches to the solar plexus and then counter-attacking with our own defenses. This, I have to admit, was extremely painful. In order to defend a straight punch, you keep your arm in an ‘L’ shape and sort of rotate your arm forward and around, so most of your opponent’s strike ends up pushed to the side by the meatier, back portion of your arm. We have a plethora of bruises and sore spots because of this little trick.

The really hard part is determining with which arm your opponent is going to use to strike. I noticed if I tried to over-think it, I’d get hit in the gut.

Luckily, I just read Fight Mash’s post on how to read your opponent. I noticed if I watched Chris’s movements (particularly his shoulders), I could determine which arm he would use to throw the punch. Now I just need to keep my own thoughts and attacks imperceptible.

**UPDATE: I just found out Level 1 tests will be moved back to December. That extra month is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I find defending stand-up punches has to be a matter of instinct. If I don’t anticipate the next punch, I can defend about 80% of what comes my way. If I overthink it and start anticipating, my percentages drop to 50-60%. Maybe I just am not good enough at reading opponents yet…

  2. This is so true to not over think it, just let it flow to you, focus your eyes on the center of their chest and you’ll see where the punch is coming from. But even after 8 years of Karate and 1 year of Krav I still screw it up time-to-time 🙂

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