Update on my hands

They still hurt like crazy, but they’re healing pretty fast. I’ve been letting them breathe throughout the day and then wrapping them with Neosporin at night. That seems to be working pretty well.

I had a lot of work to do tonight, because I’ve been outta town, so I didn’t get a chance to go to Krav. In the past week, I’ve only gone once… it feels like I haven’t been in forever! The good news is this gives me an opportunity to let my hands heal a little more!

I’ll have a bigger, better post for you on Wednesday when I go to class…

4 Replies to “Update on my hands”

  1. They are definitely on the mend!!! Hey – it could be worse, right? The scabs on your middle knuckles must be from scraping agains the pad.

    I did level 3 class last night and my shoulders are sore….

    Have fun this week!

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