What to wear to train in Krav Maga


What exactly do you wear to train in Krav Maga? I’ve seen some interesting wardrobe choices, but there are some items that will help or hinder you.

So! Without further ado, here are some tips to make your Krav experience even more successful.

Do wear/bring:

  • Loose, comfortable, lightweight, quick drying clothing. Not only is this a self-defense class, it’s also a great way to get in your cardio. You will be sweating.
  • Shorts. Again, I can’t overemphasize that part about you sweating…
  • Comfortable running shoes.
  • If you have long hair, you certainly want it off your face and neck.
  • Don’t forget to bring lots of H20! (To drink, not to wear!)

Don’t wear/bring:

  • Rings or dangle-y jewelry. Your rings will carve up the punching bags and your jewelry will probably just get in the way.
  • Any clothing you careĀ about. You will be tugged, pulled, punched, kicked, etc. It generally won’t hurt, but when you start learning some attacks, your shirt could get stretched.
  • If you can go without your glasses, I’d highly recommend it. I wear glasses to class and they have been sent askew on my face more than once. If you have a spare pair of glasses, I’d recommend wearing them. Contacts are even better.
  • Anything that could get in the way. Remember: you’re here to learn self-defense, not how to be a beauty queen (orĀ king!)
  • Your cell phone. Yeah, leave that baby in the car. Nothing is more annoying than someone yackin’ on the phone while everyone else slaves away. It’s distracting for everyone.

Optional, but highly recommended:

  • Guys should wear a cup. Your partner will be kicking, kneeing, and punching at a pad in your groin area. One little mistake and your guy parts could be feeling the effects.
  • Hand wraps are a good idea if you don’t want nasty bruises, scrapes, and sores on your hands. They aren’t necessary, but they help you minimize any visible aches and pains. Trust me on this one, you’ll thank me later.

A Krav Maga class can be super rewarding if you come prepared. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll learn self-defense, improve your strength, lose weight, and increase your self-confidence.

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