8 holiday gifts for someone training in Krav Maga

These are just a few holiday gift ideas for the special Krav Maga fanatic in your life!

Hand wraps make a really good stocking stuffer, because they’re relatively inexpensive (ranging from $5-10) and there are a ton of colors to choose from. Make sure you buy the 180″ wraps so there is enough length to properly cover both their hands and wrists.

Leather or gel hand wraps are an excellent alternative to the cloth hand wraps, because they offer protection and speed of application. Whereas it takes several minutes to put on cotton hand wraps, it takes just a few seconds to put on these. There is more protection and comfort, but with that comes a price. (Between $15-25.)

Sigg water bottles are a good bet too, because we all know Krav-ers need to replenish the gallons of water they sweat out during class. They are environmentally friendly and healthier because they don’t have any of those creepy chemicals like bisphenol A. (Ranging from $20-30.)

Workout clothes are always a welcome idea. I’ve had a few shirts stretch out from being the target of knee drills… so I could personally always use a few extra Krav Maga shirts.

Focus mitts are great to have for practicing punches, hammer fists, and open hand strikes. Plus, you have to get someone else involved to hold them for you! (Ranging from $17 and up.)

Tombstones (otherwise known as punching shields) are the medium hand-held size bags that are perfect for practicing strikes, including elbows and kicks. This is the bag we use most in my class. ($50 and up)

Kick shields are those big bags (about twice the size of a tombstone) that are great for throwing knees and kicks, not to mention all manner of other strikes. ($50 and up)

Punching bags are great if you have the space for it, because you can use it to practice nearly any strike you learn in class and you don’t need a partner to hold it for you. It does take up a bit of space though and these bags tend to be more expensive. ($60 and up, plus a stand if you don’t have a place to hang it from the ceiling.)

Note: These are not endorsements. All links are meant for illustrative purposes only. As always, do your homework before you buy any equipment.

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