Okay, so I think it’s time I ‘fess up. I won’t be taking the Level 1 test this weekend. You might remember I had planned to take the test back in November, but then it was re-scheduled. In addition, I had a sinus infection and a slight (temporary) back injury.

So here we are. At the beginning of December. The Level 1 test looming over me… And I’ll be outta town.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have to go away this weekend, but I’m choosing to go see my cousin graduate from boot camp.

True, I could chose to stay home and take the Level 1 test. But I have some good excuses… no really. I do.

  • It’s really important to me to support my cousin as she makes this big transition in her life. Plus, it gives me a good excuse to see a state I’ve never been to AND see some of my family.
  • I’m not ready. This should be fairly obvious in my lack of posts about classes lately. I’ve been struggling a little and it’s been hard for me to openly admit. One day I’m feelin’ great and the next I’m not on my A game… I know I’ve been going to Krav for almost six solid months, but I’m not consistent in my defenses. To me, consistency is a true sign of how well I know the material. So, I just need the extra time to really perfect what I’m learning.
  • And if you promise not to call me a big chicken, I’ll even admit that I’m a teency weency bit scared of the Level 1 test.

Have no fear, I still plan on taking it in a couple of months when I’m more prepared. I’m in this for the fitness, the self-confidence, and the knowledge of how to defend myself. There’s no reason to rush into a day of torture test I’m not prepared for.

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  1. what?!@ 🙁
    Oh man I was getting all jazzed to hear about it. I agree there is no reason to rush into it, but I guarantee you, you’re probably more prepared then you think. Yes it’s hard, yes it sucks at times, but you really do know this stuff, at least that’s what it sounds like since you’ve been going for so many months. Anyways, you can knock ’em dead in a few months..Keep training though!

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