How to make Krav Maga just a little bit easier

Tip: Hold the bag for your partner first. This gives you an opportunity to think through the strikes or defenses before you have to make your body practice it.

Personally, if I hold the bag for my partner first, I’m much more likely to be successful at the strikes and defenses.

I watch my partner as they strike the bag and focus in on how they move; how their strikes could be improved. Sometimes I feel things just click for me, like a light switch being turned on.

As I offer advice on how they could improve, things fall into place even faster. I think it’s something about explaining the strike or defense. It must activate a different part of my brain that helps me process the new information.

This means when it’s my turn to practice, I’m no longer over-thinking the moves. I’m able to just let my body work. Otherwise, I become sloppy, disorganized, and my body never moves quite right.

In short, I learn from my partner’s mistakes.

I highly recommend grabbing the bag first and holding it for your partner, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to think everything through. Of course, if you practice with one person regularly, you might want to switch back and forth, so they can have the same opportunities you do!

That tip only took me six months to learn… (You’re welcome!)

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