Our Awesome Private Krav Maga Session (Part 1) – The Great

We’re preparing for our first level one test in two short weeks! Chris and I decided we should take a private lesson with one of the instructors. I could use a little more practice on roundhouse kicks. I’ve never worked out how to do these effectively. Chris really wants to work on knees. We’ve both had partners knock the wind out of us and he wants to refine to get the same effect.

We set up a private lesson on Sunday with F. We’ve had him as an instructor before and we’ve heard he’s really great at making improvements in one-on-one sessions.

Chris and I had some serious highs and lows in this one hour though. I’m breaking this out into two separate posts to give emphasis to each experience individually.

It was awesome! Like many things in life, we went in with an agenda, but F was able to see other, more basic skills we should improve to help us long term. We did a little sparring to warm up and then he had us take turns striking the pad with combinations. We both have issues with our straight punches and still occasionally get badges on our hands. F saw this immediately and was able to help us fine-tune this basic skill.

He showed us how to take the time to line up our straight punches and make sure our knuckles, wrist, forearm, and shoulder are always in alignment. We worked slowly and diligently on punching straight out and retreating our arm straight back.

He was able to identify I rotate my wrist slightly just before impact. It gets everything out of alignment and causes me to swipe across the pad a tiny amount. Sometimes my wrist even collapses and all the power of the punch is lost. This one little thing has been causing my knuckles to get torn up.

We spent a fair bit of time on straight punches. He would watch as we threw a few punches and then stop us to refine a little more.

Sometimes in a session, something will occur to me that seems so obvious once I know it. F taught me I don’t have to go fast when I’m training. I can slow everything down to work on technique and alignment. Seems so obvious, right?

This private lesson was packed with information difficult to get in a classroom with 20 other students. We tweaked other skills too, but refining my straight punch is, by far, one of the biggest ah ha! moments I’ve had.

I’ll post the rest of the experience in a few days after I’ve had a little more time to think about how to describe the rest of the session.

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