Review: Mouth Guards for Krav Maga

Mouth guards are officially a required piece of equipment for me in Krav Maga. I purchased and began training with two mouth guards after the tooth incident. While I haven’t found the perfect mouth guard, I at least have something to protect my teeth.

I wasn’t sure what to expect or which features would be useful. I stood in the boxing/mma aisle for 20 minutes feeling a little overwhelmed. In the end, I chose to start at the most economical side of the spectrum and work my way up until I find a mouth guard I like. At $3-5 per mouth guard, I can’t really go wrong.

The Everlast Single Mouthguard is, by far, the cheapest option (less than $3!). I purchased this mouth guard in black.

The instructions were easy to follow to mold the guard to my jaw and teeth. I have a small mouth and it’s a little bigger than I think I need. I had to cut off the two edges around my molars to get it to fit without rubbing uncomfortably. I also notice there’s a lot of space between the mouth guard and my teeth, no matter how many times I boil and fit it. I’ve used it for a month now and it seems fine. I’ll probably keep shopping around, but the price is right for a simple mouth guard.

I also purchased this Everlast Double Mouth Guard (also in black).

The difference between the Everlast Single and the Everlast Double is that the Double protects your top and bottom teeth, compared to just your top teeth with the Everlast Single. This guard was also easy to shape to my mouth.

If you’re really concerned about your upper and lower teeth, this mouth guard is an acceptable option.

A few downsides: it’s a little difficult to breathe even with the center breathing channel. It’s also distracting. I catch myself biting down on it and clenching my jaw.

For both of these mouth guards, there are additional down sides worth mentioning. I have to remove the mouth guard to speak and drink water. Because of the nature of Krav Maga, I have to pull it out of my mouth with the same hands that have been attacking and defending my fellow (sweaty) trainees. Not exactly sanitary. I’ve seen a few people get around this by removing their mouth guard with the inside of their shirt (near their collar) for the brief moment they need to take it out of their mouths. Not an ideal scenario, but definitely doable. The design isn’t elegant, but it’s usable.

If you need a decent mouth guard and you want to spend less than $5, these are fair options. I don’t think you can beat the price.

I’ll keep you in the loop as I try other options. I would really like to find a guard that doesn’t require me to take it out of my mouth when I speak. Stay tuned!

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