Update: Our private lesson completely changed my straight punch

I wanted to write a quick update about the effectiveness of our private Krav Maga lesson back in June. Back then, I wrote how pleased I was that we spent some time perfecting the basics of our straight punches.

You may recall the times I’ve come home with a badge. After many of these classes, I’ve asked instructors what I’m doing wrong to have caused my hands to be so roughed up. I can’t stress how awesome I think my instructors are, but none have been able to spend the time with me to diagnose and tweak my technique.

Ever since this private session, I haven’t had any issues with my straight punches. Not a single badge. Not a single bloodied knuckle. Incredible. Just incredible. My instructor, F, was able to see what I was doing wrong and take the time to adjust, watch, adjust, watch until I had it right.

I also learned it’s okay to take time in a class—to slow down—to diagnose why I’m getting hurt or why something doesn’t feel right.

I’m officially a champion of taking private Krav Maga lessons to master these simple skills. In some ways, it was a little scary, because I was afraid I wasn’t good enough. I was afraid he’d look at my form and try to convince me to not take the level one test. None of that happened. Instead, I took one step closer to mastery of Krav Maga.

What has been your experience in taking private self defense, martial arts, or Krav Maga lessons?

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