I finally convinced a friend to go to Krav Maga AND come back!

I’ve had a goal to convert as many of my friends to Krav Maga as possible. I haven’t been very successful so far. Most of my friends come to a free first class, say “That was fuuuuuuun!” (where the fun is one octave higher than their normal voice), and then never come back again.

It can be really intense. You’re exhausted in the first 10 minutes. You’re being taught something that feels unnatural—to be aggressive and to hit and kick with no holds barred. But I think it’s so important and so darn fun.

I spend most of my day keeping myself reeled in and this is the one time I can just let it all out. I feel like such a badass.

I convinced my friend, Kate, to try a Krav Maga class. She was already predisposed to like it since she’s done Jiu Jitsu and she’s an avid MMA watcher. I think she liked it!

It was super fun to train with her and watch her throw her first hammer fists and front groin kicks. She improved quickly based on feedback from the instructors. At the end of the night, she seemed happy and exhausted.

I was like a happy puppy. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken so much, so quickly. HOW DO I CONVINCE HER TO KEEP COMING TO KRAV? I’m hopeful she’ll come back!

How do you get your friends to keep coming back?

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