How to Win Like Ronda Rousey

It seems like everyone watched the UFC 190 fight between Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia, but I haven’t heard anyone talk about what they learned from the experience. We all know Ronda is a beast, but what makes her so much better than her competitors? Here’s what I learned from the fight:

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Ronda Rousey always fights with spirit.

In my mind, this is the tenet that matters the most to those training in self defense. She fights with the kind of energy and tenacity that is so rare. Every fight, she unleashes. She. Just. Doesn’t. Stop. I walked away from watching her 34 second fight against Correia thinking that’s how you get out of an altercation. You have to become so fierce, so hellbent on winning, that you do.

How to be like Ronda: If you’re attacked, feed the part of you that is determined to win. Unleash the fierceness inside of you. Be the person who wins, not the person who hesitates. Don’t have that? Train it in now.

Ronda is fast.

Faster than her opponents. She moves faster. She thinks faster. She always seems to be two moves ahead, because she’s thinking and moving.

How to be like Ronda: Be faster than the person you’re fighting. Train to throw combinations faster. Train to see attacks that are coming. Be prepared and know what to do when it happens.

She’s hyper-focused.

While her opponent might be dramatic in an effort to be intimidating, Ronda remains steadfastly cool and collected. Boos don’t disturb her. Cheers don’t distract her. Comments about her family only fuel the fire. She’s unshakable.

How to be like Ronda: Don’t get distracted by the drama. You’re there to do a job. Do what you have to do to stay safe and get out.

Ronda moves forward, never backward.

There’s one thing she does that no one else does quite like her. She moves in. When I think she should move out to collect herself, she does the opposite and keeps moving toward her opponent. She’s always pushing forward. She will take a hit if it gains her ground.

How to be like Ronda: Never stop pressing forward. Move in to meet your attacker. It’s surprising, intimidating, and can be more than a little scary.

She never hesitates. She never flinches.

Have you seen Ronda flinch? Yeah, me either. When she’s in the ring she doesn’t hesitate. Not once. Her movements are fluid, smooth, quick. Sometimes they’re dirty and brutal, but she never stops. If something doesn’t work, she adjusts and she keeps moving.

How to be like Ronda: Do not stop. Do not hesitate. Even if you get hit, keep moving.

These are characteristics I see in her and traits I hope to take away from watching her fight. What do you see?

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