Level 2 Belt Test… Here I Come!

It’s that time again. On October 17th, I’ll take the level 2 belt test and try to move up to level 3.

I’m excited, but nervous. I still have two months to prepare and I’ve been signed off on nearly all the techniques we’ll be tested on. I always have doubts.

Last night, for example, we spent the entire hour working on fall breaks. Side fall breaks are okay, but I’m having a hard time with back fall breaks. I can’t get my hips high enough. I’ve already accepted I’ll need to practice these in every single class if I want to feel confident.

Matt assures us they’ll become second nature if we practice enough. You’ll always remember them, he says.

I trust him.

I’m sure he’s right.

I’m not looking forward to doing what I need to do to make it second nature.

I’ve already got my test partner lined up and we’ve scheduled a bunch of classes together for the next month. She’s awesome and we’re already pushing each other to do more classes. She’s also the kind of partner who doesn’t mind slowing down in class to understand and perfect the technique. It’s perfect for understanding these (sometimes subtle) skills.

Anyway, I have just over two months to prepare. Wish me luck!

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