Injuries are a pain in my…


I did a dumb thing. I stomped the ground. Such a simple, but grand movement.

It was a finishing move after a simple defense. I stomped the ground near my partner’s head simulating a final strike to their face. And then… a little twinge in my heel. No big deal. I’ve felt countless twinges in Krav Maga. It’s usually nothing more than a temporary pain. A few minutes or a few hours. Maybe overnight.

For the first few days, the pain continued to grow. Eventually, I was hobbling around in my most-supportive sneakers trying not to put pressure on my foot.

* The Foot Bra
*The Foot Bra is not the official name, but it should be.

I’ve taken some time away from Krav Maga this past week to rest it. I picked up a foot bra* at my local drug store and within a day the pain started to recede.

It finally feels better and I’m almost at 100% again.

This week, I’ll be heading back into the gym, but I’m taking extra precautions to prevent re-injury.

Some take aways:

  • Even the smallest, silliest movements can cause injuries. First and foremost, practice safely.
  • When your body says stop. You should stop. Take a break. Practice patience.
  • If you didn’t know already, feet are really important body parts if you want to walk.

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