How to Defend Yourself in High Heels

Ever since I started learning Krav Maga, I’ve been thinking about how self defense might change depending on my situation.

Me in 2015 wearing my favorite heels at my good friend's wedding
These high heels pass the test (and they’re my favorite!)

What if I’m wearing high heels? Or what if I’m out dancing with a group of my lady friends? I’m the only one with Krav Maga experience and I’m the only one actively training in any sort of martial art.

Imagine me and four of my closest friends against who knows how many assailants.

Yes, this is what I think about. I want my friends to be safe and it’s one reason I’ve tried so hard to get and keep more of my friends in Krav Maga.

Anyway, Avital posted a video in July about how to defend yourself in high heels. She lays out four possibilities:

  1. Can I take off my heels?
  2. Can I run away in my heels?
  3. Can I fight in my heels?
  4. Can I use my heels a weapon?

I really love how down-to-earth and real she is. She takes this question seriously, but she also clearly has a sense of humor.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Remember: it can be as simple as choosing cute heels that you can run and move in when you head out for the night! Plus, it’s so much nicer to have heels you can dance in, amIright?

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