Lessons I Didn’t Expect to Learn in my Level 2 Krav Maga Test

I gained more in my level 2 Krav Maga test beyond a feeling of accomplishment and graduating to the next level. Here are three more things I learned on October 17, 2015:

1. Focus on making your partner better and you’ll be better.

Before we started the test, my partner Jolyn said she wanted to set an intention for the day. I nodded to her. It’s something I’ve done in the past and I feel good about.

I immediately starting setting intentions like “excel through the whole day” or “don’t get any injuries”.

Jolyn surprised me though.

“My purpose for the day is to make you look your best. When I focus on the other person—in acting, improv, in life—everyone seems to benefit more than if I were to focus on myself.”

It completely threw me off and it resonated with me.

I took a silent moment to set the intention that I’d make Jolyn look the best she could and I think it helped. Throughout the day, I gave her encouragement or reminded her how she could make a technique cleaner. It gave me energy. She would adjust, something would click, and I’d feel a tiny spark of motivation. We were a team. I was her coach and she was mine.

I’ve had the supreme honor of working with a few people brand new to Krav Maga since my level 2 test and I think it’s made their first experience even better too.

Focus on the success of your partner and you’ll both benefit.

2. Flexibility Does Matter (Sometimes)

kacis-poor-hip-flexibilityIt’s funny to learn something technical in your test, but I did. In reviewing the video, I can see where Matt would yell at me to “shoot [my] hips higher.” I would push my hips as high as possible, but as I watch the footage it’s clear I have hip mobility issues.

They need to go higher than they currently do in order to be successful against a bigger, stronger assailant. It’s something I’ll focus on in the coming weeks.

Flexibility matters, especially in ground fighting.

3. The Way You Think Matters.

In the three weeks since my test, I’ve found myself taking three classes in a row without getting tired. My friends who are new to Krav Maga look at me like I’m crazy.

“You’re going to another class?”

Why yes. Yes, I am.

But when you do something for nearly eight hours, doing it for three or four feels like nothing. During my test, I could keep going at the six hour mark because I had to. So, why should it matter if I’m taking regular classes or testing?

Because it’s all in my head.

It’s made me realize that I have more power, more energy, and more strength than I think I do.

This is one of those life lesson moments. It goes beyond Krav Maga or martial arts.

We artificially limit ourselves, because we don’t think we can keep going or we’re not good enough, but we can and we are.

There’s almost always a little more energy, a little more strength you can ring out of a moment.

Think bigger and stronger and you’ll capable of more.

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