Will I get hurt in Krav Maga?

Bruises and scrapes on my wrist from krav magaWon’t I get hurt in Krav Maga? I hear it all the time.

Like any sport, martial art, or self defense system, injury is possible in Krav Maga. I come home with bruises and scrapes on my hands, arms, hips, and knees regularly. When you practice something this physical and real, it’s inevitable. It’s part of the training.

Honestly, the bruises and scrapes don’t bother me. These minor injuries tell me where I need to improve my technique. They also condition my body. I find a little pride in these bumps and bruises too (and I know I’m not alone in this).

Occasionally, people are injured in other, more serious ways: pulled muscles, fractures, and sprains. It’s like any sport. If you practice safely (start slow, communicate with your partner, and wear a mouth guard, cup, and other protective equipment), you’re not likely to suffer much more than bruises and scrapes.

I’d like to ask you a question though:

Would you trade receiving scrapes and bruises in a safe, learning environment for the knowledge and skill to defend yourself?

To walk to your car at night without fear. To gain confidence in yourself (in life, not just in self defense). To get in shape?

For me, I find that trade acceptable.

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