New! Adding Ground Fighting / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to My Training

I’ve started branching out from Krav Maga in a major way.

Krav Maga borrows the most effective techniques for street fighting and self defense from different martial arts. A lot of the ground work comes from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

Ottawa BJJ Open 2012. Photo Courtesy of Sylvain
Ottawa BJJ Open 2012. (Not me!) Photo Courtesy of Sylvain

I recently add a Ground Fighting (basically BJJ) class to my practice as a way to focus on some of the ground techniques I’ve learned in Krav Maga. This comes as an obvious next step as I become aware of some of my weaknesses.

The classes have been a little slower than I’m used to. I think our instructor, Travis, has been slowing it down and breaking the techniques into understandable chunks for us new people.

Concepts that have been reinforced in the few classes I’ve taken so far:

  1. Fighting from the ground is exhausting. It’s the most exhausting thing I’ve done so far.
  2. It’s a terrible position to fight from against bigger, stronger opponents. Weight classes (in mixed martial arts) exist for a reason.
  3. Ground work is a big gaping whole in my training.

Krav Maga is a dirty, get-it-done kind of system. It’s not pretty, but it makes you ruthless when it comes to your safety. I’m excited to add the focus of BJJ—a more technical and structured system—into my training. More soon!

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