How Very Little Krav Maga in January Affected Me

My January focus was to be a professional coach for 20 awesome ruckus-makers (an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world). It required a fair bit of time and decreased my priority to be in the gym.

As the month progressed, I could feel something different happening. I was tired. I was doing all this great work with and for other people, but it was draining.

Then I was handed a major, high-impact project at work. The stress mounted. My grumpiness increased.

“You okay, Kaci?” a co-worker asked. “You seemed so happy earlier this month and now you’ve lost that glow.”

I could feel it too. I didn’t have my usual outlet for breaking the tension. I wasn’t taking care of myself.

My first Krav Maga class back was amazing. I could feel the pent up energy in my limbs slowly releasing with every punch, kick, drill, and combo. By the end of the class I wasn’t even tired. I could have kept going. I wanted to keep going.

The very next day, several people noted how buoyant I seemed.

The major, stressful project at work suddenly seemed like not such a big deal.

When you find something that keeps you level and happy, make room in your schedule to keep it a priority. 

I could have chosen to go Krav Maga once or twice a week, instead of not at all. Lesson learned.

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