Seeing Better by Seeing Less

Doing Krav Maga or Sparring with glasses sucks. They always go askew on my face. They get in the way.

So I was frustrated when I realized my eye doctor sent me the wrong contact prescription and I’d need to wait a week for the correct prescription to arrive. I’d be in glasses for a week.

10 minutes into my first sparring class I took them off. It was distracting having them slide off my face. I’d deal with seeing blurry people.

But then something amazing happened.

I could see strikes coming at my face more easily. I was suddenly able to get out of the way or block strikes like I’d never been able to see or block them before.

Usually, when I’m sparring I keep my eyes focused at the person’s chest and use my peripheral vision to “see” the attacks coming. I watch their shoulders for the tell signs of a strike.

With everything out of focus, I could sense general movement more easily. Dodging and blocking was suddenly easier.

If you can, try to unfocus your eyes while sparring or doing Krav Maga. It might help you see strikes.

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