Women’s Only Self Defense Seminar(FREE!)

There’s been some ugly violence against women happening in Northwest Austin these last few months.

The safety of myself, my friends, my family, and my community is one of my biggest priorities. In response, I’ve set up an informal self-defense workshop for this Saturday!

*******This workshop is free and open to the public.*******

Come practice crucial assertiveness skills, boundary-setting, and self defense skills.

Skills covered:

  • Vocal assertiveness
  • Physical assertiveness
  • Front kick to the groin
  • Defense against bearhug from behind *
  • Defense against knife from behind *

* These last two skills are in direct response to the kind of assaults this attacker has been using.

Please come train and learn some skills to make yourself more aware and more prepared! Turn your fear into action.

Details and Location:

February 27 from 2-3:30pm
Fit and Fearless Studio
2800 IH 35 South #100, Austin, TX 78704

RSVP now

Bring your neighbors, your friends, your mothers, your daughters.