Couture vs. Lesnar: I’ll be tuning in!

Okay, I don’t want to come off as one of those crazy girls (it may be too late, I can’t tell), but is anyone else planning on watching the UFC fight this Saturday between Couture and Lesnar?

This is one of those really weird habits I’ve picked up since going to Krav. I’ve started watching mixed martial arts on TV. Last week, my boyfriend’s little brother caught me flipping between Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team on CMT and a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight on Spike TV. Believe me, I know… I’m a weird one.

I can pick up on moves I’ve been learning in class and it makes it all more real for me. Almost like when you start learning a new language. You get excited when you’re able to pick out phrases between two native speakers. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, they’re saying this fight between Couture and Lesnar is going to be huge. Like one of the biggest fights in MMA history. From my understanding, Couture is the current heavyweight UFC Champion…

Lesnar is a big guy. That’s an understatement like saying “the ocean is kinda big.” He’s a monster of a guy with fists the size of an SUV. He’s big. But what makes him dangerous is he’s fast too. Most guys his size are much slower. They sort of lumber about swinging like an old oak tree, but not Lesnar. You give him a nanosecond to take over and he will.

Couture is a really solid fighter too. He’s not as big as Lesnar, but what makes him dangerous is he’s a smart fighter. He can wear down an opponent, figure out what their weaknesses are, and then take full advantage of them. And he apparently works best when he’s the underdog. Oh, and he’s the only fighter to have ever won the UFC Heavyweight Championship three times. Yeah, that’s not a typo… I said three.

So… yeah. This should be one hell of a fight. Chris and I will probably be joining some people from our gym at a local bar to watch it. I can’t wait!

Which martial art is best for a woman wanting to learn self-defense?

I was perusing the martial arts blog scene, when I came across this gem of a post at Think Combat about which martial art is best for a woman looking to learn self-defense.

It was such a refreshing change from all the blogs and comments out there that are all “karate is better than muay thai” or “boxing is better than jujitsu…”

He clearly lays out a system for determining which martial arts (or non-traditional martial arts) would be best in the general scenarios he provides. Some important women-specific factors he considers (paraphrased):

1. As a woman, you should not go head-to-head against a man who’s bigger, stronger, and tougher than you are, because you will more than likely lose.

If you don’t know already, I’m all about girl power and equality (and all that jazz), but I fully believe he’s right. Chris and I have done some light sparring and although I might be faster and lighter on my feet than him, he would only have to hit me a few times and I’d be out. The name of the self-defense game is to defend against an attack and quickly deliver your own blows so you can safely get away. Not to dilly-dally in a fist fight. Defend! Attack! Get out!

2. The martial art you choose should be realistic and relatively easy and fast to learn.

Taking the time to learn some martial art forms could leave you unprepared if you were attacked in, oh say, the next three months (some forms take years to learn well enough to use in a street fight).

So it all came down to three martial arts that would be effective for a woman learning self-defense. You guessed it! One of them was Krav Maga. Head on over to his post to check out the other two systems.

Learning other methods in tandem will probably make you stronger and more prepared for an attack, but finding the best system for your current needs is imperative.

Practice Krav Maga with Spirit and Energy

In the same way, students should practice with spirit and energy to avoid what can best be described as “dead” training. That meaningless task of merely going through the motion, doing the technique half-heartedly.”

The important thing is to practice with strength and focus so you automatically react appropriately if someone attacks you. It’s one of the things I love about Krav Maga. I physically cannot think about the worries from my day while I’m training. I have to put all my attention and energy in what I’m doing. And I give myself permission to get angry.

Not only do I end up learning something new, but I also relieve a ton of stress.