Update on my hands

They still hurt like crazy, but they’re healing pretty fast. I’ve been letting them breathe throughout the day and then wrapping them with Neosporin at night. That seems to be working pretty well.

I had a lot of work to do tonight, because I’ve been outta town, so I didn’t get a chance to go to Krav. In the past week, I’ve only gone once… it feels like I haven’t been in forever! The good news is this gives me an opportunity to let my hands heal a little more!

I’ll have a bigger, better post for you on Wednesday when I go to class…

Have fun with Krav Maga and don’t fret about the upcoming test of doom. Otherwise, you’ll end up with bloody knuckles. No really. You will.

(Longest title in the history of all Krav Maga titles, I know…)

I was super pumped about Krav tonight; I usually feel great after class. Tonight was tough on me though. I know for a fact I did 90% or more of my straight punches incorrectly. Here’s how I know:

Both rows of lower knuckles on both hands are scraped and/or bruised to hell and back. Only the index and middle finger knuckles should be sore and bruised. With each combination of punches, I’d see little specks of my skin stick to the bag, my knuckles stinging. Gross.

I asked M what I was doing wrong and he said I’m swiping my straight punches across, as if I’m throwing a hook instead. So I’ll have to watch that. Good technique is just as important (if not more so) than power.

As far as the defense goes, I can’t be sure if I correctly deflected my partner’s punches with my forearm swipes. Once again, I was paired up with a girl who was extremely new. She was having a hard time throwing a real punch at me, but that’s no excuse for my lousy defenses.

So, I’m pretty disappointed in myself… I had entertained the idea of taking the upcoming Level 1 test, but now I’m reconsidering. I can’t even throw a proper straight punch!

Ten bucks says I’m putting too much pressure on myself to test in November and it’s affecting my performance. From now on, I’m taking it one day at a time and focusing on really learning the defenses. It’s good to have a goal, but it doesn’t make sense to pressure myself into bad technique.

At the very least, I’ll go to the workshop before the test to see what I’m missing in my classes. (But I have to admit, I’ll probably take the test anyway just to see where I’m at.)

Aside from all that, I’m taking some advice I’ve recently received and getting hand wraps. ASAP.